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3 Reasons to Choose Us to Host Your Lake Geneva Wedding

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3 Reasons to Choose Us to Host Your Lake Geneva Wedding

Your wedding should be one of the most memorable and amazing days of your life, so why choose a wedding venue that is less-than-perfect? When it comes to your big day, you should never settle, which is why our team at Abbey Springs on Lake Geneva is here to help take the stress out of the wedding-planning process.


Consider hosting your Lake Geneva wedding with us for the following reasons.


Use Your Vendor of Choice


It's your big day, so what you say goes. While we can provide you with a list of vendors that we have used in the past, the vendor that you use is completely up to you. This ensures that the details of your big day are exactly how you always dreamed they would be.


Non-Members Welcome


It's a common misunderstanding that you have to be an Abbey Springs member in order to host your Lake Geneva wedding at our property. This is not the case! We want anyone to feel welcomed to host their special day with us, both members and non-members alike. Keep in mind that in order to use our other amenities, you'll need to be a member. You can find more information about that on the FAQ section of our website.


You'll Own the Weekend


In some cases, weddings parties may feel rushed if they know another wedding is planned for the same weekend as theirs. At Abbey Springs, this is not the case! We typically only book one wedding per day, and typically only one wedding per weekend. This ensures that you get the full attention of our staff without being rushed out.


Let our team play a role in your fairytale! Contact us today if you're interested in having your Lake Geneva wedding with us.


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