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Playing Golf with Your Kids – Part One

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Playing Golf with Your Kids – Part One

Introducing your kids to the game of golf can be a great opportunity to share quality time together – but it could also cause you to lose your patience and your mind. Proper planning can help you avoid the latter. As with any sport or activity, especially from your children’s point of view, the primary objective should be having a good time.

Statistics show that kids tend to drop out of organized sports around thirteen years of age. This is likely due to the pressure they feel to improve or the perceived expectations of their parents and coaches. They can also get burned-out being forced to practice something they once loved until it loses its original appeal.

Golf is a unique sport in that you can play regardless of age. It also provides you with an opportunity to create family memories that can last a lifetime. Nevertheless, even if you are secretly fantasizing that your little protégé will play the US Open someday, it is best to keep that to yourself. Because golf can be played practically forever, you won’t want to force it unless your child enjoys it as much as you do. Kids are much more likely to come back to the game as they get older if they don’t feel pressured to do so.

Consider a few of the following recommendations which may help you and your children enjoy your time out on the course – now and into the future.

Choose the Correct Clubs

While you may be tempted to drag out that old set of clubs from the crawl space or the garage, trying to play with clubs that are too big and too heavy for them, will likely discourage your child before they ever get started. Even if they are the right length, the old clubs are probably stiff and heavy compared to junior equipment. Junior golf equipment is lighter, easier to handle, and offers maximum forgiveness.

As a golfer, you likely know from experience that using the wrong equipment can take the joy out of playing. You want to make sure your kids have every advantage when they start off – golf is a difficult game so your job is to make it easier (and therefore more fun) for your kids. The right size junior equipment is a great start. And remember – you don’t have to purchase the entire set of 14 clubs, a starter set of 5 or 7 is often enough to start with (and they are available at the Abbey Springs golf shop).

Let Them Help Choose Their Gear

While we’re talking about clubs, it is important to let your child help choose the clubs and other accessories you will be purchasing for them. No parent wants to emphasize material possessions, but let’s face it – part of the fun of any sport or activity is the stuff that comes with it. To reiterate, there is no need to go crazy with a full set of new clubs, but being allowed to pick out even little things like tees, ball makers, or sleeves can up your child’s level of enthusiasm when they get out on the course.

Pick the Right Time of Day

You are likely aware that 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning is not the time to take the kids out to the golf course in Fontana - Lake Geneva, WI. Restricting family golf outings to evening hours is not only considerate to other golfers, but it will also help keep your stress level down and your patience in place.

There is nothing worse than watching your kid hit a half-dozen shots in the bunker while you have a fellow golfer scowling over at you from the fairway. While it is important to teach kids an overall respect for the pace of play, you must allow for delays now and again if your outing is to be enjoyable.

The Golf Cart is Your Friend

Even if you need to struggle with your inner golf purist, this is a compromise you’ll need to embrace if you and your family are to get this golfing thing off to a good start. While you may feel walking the course is an integral part of the game, or you walk because it is one of the few times you enjoy getting exercise, your kids think of a golf cart as an amusement ride. It’s fun for them, and in turn, will make your day more enjoyable.

Riding in the cart will also cut down on the whining as your children will tire quickly as they drag along their own bag. Now this is not to say you can never walk when you’re out golfing with your kids, but you should consider carefully if it will be worth it.

Golf in Fontana - Lake Geneva, WI

At Abbey Springs, we understand that for those of us who love the game of golf, there is nothing more satisfying than carrying on the legendary golf tradition with our children. We think that being aware of potential pitfalls will make your family golf outing more enjoyable and provide your kids with a wonderful opportunity to learn this time-honored sport. Check back here in a couple of weeks for more tips to help you and your kids build a lifetime of memories playing golf together in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Posted: 3/30/2021 10:25:43 AM by Nemec, Benjamin

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