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3 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Even More Memorable

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3 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Even More Memorable

If you’ve finally found one of the many outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin that you really love, you’re probably quite relieved to have that task done. Selecting a venue is a big step and once it’s finished, that’s another thing you get to check off the list. Still, just because the venue is selected doesn’t mean your work is completely finished.


Though there are many outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin that will serve as a beautiful backdrop for your big day, you’ll still want to add a few extra touches to make your wedding just that much more memorable. To that end, we’ll review a few of the ways you can make your outdoor wedding even more memorable.


Floral Lanterns


Using lanterns adorned with flowers to add an extra touch of color to your outdoor wedding is a versatile way to make the day more memorable. To be clear, these aren’t lanterns that you put a candle in, but rather, it’s a lantern that’s filled with flowers. These lanterns can be hung along the beams or rafters of a gazebo, placed along each side of the aisle you walk down, or any number of other places.


Outdoor Wedding Games


Nothing gets a party livened up like a little competition. Plus when you’ve chosen one of the outdoor wedding venues in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, you’ll surely have plenty of space to set up a variety of games for you and your guests to enjoy. And there are many games you can add to your outdoor wedding for a very affordable price. For example, you could set up the outdoor version of classic games like Connect Four, Jenga, and Checkers. You could also try corn hole, bocce ball, or croquet if you have enough space for it.


A Professional Photographer


No one wants to be worrying about taking pictures while they’re enjoying their wedding. But you still want to have plenty of mementos to remember the day by. That’s why, to make your wedding truly memorable, you will want to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of you and your guests enjoying yourselves. That way, you get the best of both worlds; you’re free to enjoy yourself without a worry and you still get pictures that you can treasure and look back on for years to come.

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