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Playing Golf With Your Kids - Part Two

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Playing Golf With Your Kids - Part Two

Choose Our Beautiful Golf Course in Lake Geneva, WI

For parents who are avid golfers, there are few things more enjoyable than sharing this wonderful game with your children. Not only is it appropriate for both boys and girls, it is a great way to spend time together while instilling a love for the game that matches your own.

For those special outings, we hope you’ll choose our beautiful golf course near Lake Geneva, WI. To make those times as memorable and as much fun as possible, here are some of our best tips for playing a great round of golf with your kids, especially if they’re new to the game. We also suggest watching this short animated video to help them understand the basics of the game before you head out to the golf resort.

Don’t Force Things

Golf is a game to enjoy forever - that being said, you never want to force the game on your kids. If they’re excited and want to learn to play, that’s great! However, if for any reason they seem a bit hesitant, just give them some time and gradually try to encourage their interest.

Don’t Over-Instruct

Never try to teach everything all at once. If you try to provide too much instruction too soon, they may become frustrated and give up before they even get started. Begin, for example, with a simple foundation, like showing them how to grip the golf club and address the ball. Remember, the initial idea is fun, not golf perfection, and hopefully that fun will lead to a love for the game.

Timing is Everything

As a golfer, you understand the importance of timing when it comes to your golf swing. It is also important when it comes to family golf outings. We said this earlier, but given its importance, it bears repeating. It’s not necessarily a good idea to mix junior, beginning golfers with older, more experienced players.

We recommend contacting the course in advance, telling them you’re coming with some junior golfers and are looking for a quieter time to play. Give us a call at Abbey Springs at 262-275-6113, and we’ll be glad to recommend some times for you.

Instill an Appreciation for Proper Golf Etiquette

Without being too strict or judgmental, you’ll want to eliminate bad behavior early in your child’s golfing career. Let them know that conduct like screaming, throwing clubs, or tearing up the course is never acceptable.

While we all understand that golf can be a frustrating game at times, tell them that getting mad won’t help them master the game. When the game is not going well, stress that the main objective is to spend time together and have fun - and remember to lead by example.

Initially Keep the Game Short

Nothing says you have to stay and play a full round of golf - you don’t even have to play nine holes. In fact, for younger kids, 5 to 6 holes may be plenty for one outing. You want to stop playing while it’s still fun, leaving your kids wanting more and wanting to come back as soon as possible.

Shorten the Course

The idea here is to shorten the yardage between the tee and the putting green, and you can do this by creating your own “course within a course,” by teeing off in fairly close proximity to the green. For example, some golf instructors suggest that 6 to 8-year olds play from 50 to 150 yards out from any given hole. Nine to 11-year olds, 180-250 yards, and 12 to 13-year olds, play from a forward tee.

Put Your Own Game Aside

If you’re playing along with your kids, don’t focus on the quality of your game - rather, be aware of setting a good example. A sportsmanlike attitude and proper course etiquette are good lessons that will help in other areas of their life. You may not even want to play - but instead fill the role of caddy and coach.

Shake Things Up a Bit

Instead of focusing these initial family golf outings entirely on individual effort, occasionally play a scramble or a shamble. Utilizing a scramble format will keep everybody moving and make their first golf outings more like the team sports they may already be accustomed to.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get your kids into the game of golf - always remembering that the number one objective is to have fun. When you’re ready for your next family tee time, we suggest planning your day at Abbey Springs - and don’t forget to ask about our Lake Geneva golf packages!

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