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Abbey Springs Country Club in Fontana - Preparing for Tennis

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Abbey Springs Country Club in Fontana - Preparing for Tennis

If you are serious about improving your tennis game, a thorough, properly planned tennis workout should be included in your training program. While tennis is a great way to maintain your fitness, it is not the best way to achieve fitness in the first place. Nevertheless, it is a sport that will help strengthen your

joints and muscles, improve your cardiovascular exercise tolerance, and on top of that, it’s fun!


Spring Really is Just Around the Corner

With the snow piling up on your windowsill, visiting our golf resort by Lake Geneva, WI probably seems like a distant memory. Nevertheless, spring will be here before you know it - and when the daffodils are emerging from their winter slumber it’s a bit late to start training for the summer tennis season. In fact, if you truly want to improve your game, it’s a good idea to keep it in mind throughout your yearly workout program - even in the winter months.

Tennis Training Tips

Of course, you may not have access to a tennis court, but you likely can get to a gym or make some room in your garage or basement to run some sprints. Approximating the distance (unless you are on the tennis court), sprint the distance to the net from the baseline and back again. Next, practice lunging from side to side, as you would when you lunge from one side of the center line to the other.

You can also practice standing on one leg, working to extend the time as you progress, which will help to improve your balance. Then jump in the air - stretching like you would when you go for an overhead shot, which will help to strengthen those specific muscles. Your training program should also include two full-body strength sessions per week that target the arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs.

Any workout regime should build endurance as well as strength, as this is essential if you ever intend to play in a tournament - or even a long afternoon.

Develop an Analysis of Your Needs

Be honest, consider both your chronological and training age, your fitness level, and any current or previous injuries when planning your workout regime. If you are unsure of where to start, consider working with a personal trainer - at least in the beginning. Once you understand where you are starting out from and what your goals are, it’s time to get to work.

Repetitions and Sets Build Strength and Endurance

To build strength, you typically need to complete 2-6 sets of a repetition, and the optimum number of repetitions is 10-15. The intensity of the exercise and the amount of weight lifted should be determined by the number of repetitions. The more repetitions, the lighter the weights - and this is true for any type of strength training exercise. Ideally, you will want to perform your sets without breaking form while still achieving significant muscle fatigue by the last 2 sets. Stretch (And Stretch Some More)

No matter what your physical fitness goals are, you will more easily achieve them if you implement a supplemental stretching program into your workout routine. Stretching enhances athletic performance and flexibility as well as preventing injury. Even a simple stretching routine will promote blood circulation, thereby improving coordination and mental aptitude. However, the most important benefit of stretching regularly is that it will help prevent injuries - on the tennis court or off.

Lastly, it’s important to note that improper stretching can have negative effects on your muscles, causing permanent joint and ligament damage over time. To learn more about fundamental stretching for tennis players, this 10 minute video from the Stretching Institute, outlines some of the best. If you begin to add these in after a workout, you are sure to begin feeling the benefits of a more flexible body - and be more prepared at match time.

Tennis at Abbey Springs

Before long, you’ll be able to enjoy tennis matches at Abbey Springs - so now is the perfect time to purchase your recreation membership. Choose an annual plan with prices for individuals, couples, or families that includes access to our fully-equipped, state-of-the-art fitness center, our aquatic center, and tennis courts.

For those who prefer playing 18 holes of legendary golf on our newly renovated golf course on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin, we offer golf packages as well. To learn more, we invite you to give us a call or stop in during regular business hours.

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