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Utilize These Tips to Improve Your Game Over the Winter

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Utilize These Tips to Improve Your Game Over the Winter

While You Can’t Visit Our Golf Course in Lake Geneva, WI…

During the winter months, swinging the clubs at our beautiful golf resort near Lake Geneva, unfortunately, becomes rather impractical. After all, it’s pretty difficult to find the green when the ground is covered in snow. When golfing outdoors is no longer an option, golfers must become creative when it comes to working on their game.

When you can’t enjoy the greens at the Abbey Springs Golf Course in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, here are the 10 next best ways to improve your game during the winter months:

Practice Your Putting Game at Home

The best part about golfing at home is that you can snag any tee time you want! A great way to improve your game is to chip and putt at home. As long as you have a floor (no, it doesn’t have to be carpeted), you’ll be able to continue refining your short game over the winter months. Obviously, the speed of the ball will differ from the actual greens on our newly renovated course, so practicing your distance control is probably not in the cards.

However, there is no place like home when it comes to working on the two fundamentals of putting. These are fundamentals which you need to get right if you truly want to wow the competition on the green.

You must master the ability to putt so the ball rolls ‘end over end’ in a straight line and consistently travels the correct distance. Both of these factors require a consistent, solid strike from the middle of the putter club face. The only way to achieve this is by developing an excellent putting stroke.

Get a Grip

You should work on your grip whenever you have time, and wherever you may be. Your grip is, quite possibly, one of the most important factors in the game of golf. The way you grip each individual golf club influences your swing - for better or for worse.

Speak with a golf pro or find a grip model to learn more. Having the right grip on your club can take numbers off your score.

Drive…to an Indoor Driving Range

Practice, practice, practice - a true mantra for anyone who wishes to improve their skill level. Golf is no exception - continuing to play and maintaining a feel for your swing cannot be underestimated. Obviously, golf in Lake Geneva, WI during the winter months isn’t a viable option, so finding an easily accessible indoor range is a must.

Work with Weighted Clubs

Swinging weighted clubs will help develop your golf muscles as well as improve your timing and produce a more consistent swing. Additionally, it will improve your body positioning and swing mechanics. However, contrary to what you may believe, swinging with a weighted club will not increase the speed of your swing.

To improve speed, you will want to swing a shaft (with the club removed) as fast as you can three or four times, then swing your regular club. Statistics show your swing will be 2-3 mph faster than before you swung the shaft. Why? Swinging fast teaches your muscles to swing fast - it’s as simple as that.

Practice in Front of a Mirror

It may feel strange or awkward, but standing in front of a full-length mirror, swinging in slow motion will allow you to visualize your swing. This will allow you to determine where improvements are needed. Once you see your swing, you can make the necessary adjustments that will benefit your game.

Play on a Simulator

Find a location near you that offers a virtual golf experience. These are simulators where you can hit balls onto a screen that displays a virtual golf course. Many models  allow you to play through some of the greatest golf destinations in the world. Some golfers find inspiration in (virtually) playing 9 holes of legendary golf designed by the pros.

Watch Golf

If you don’t watch the Golf Channel regularly, we recommend you start doing so right away. Watching award winning professionals play the game can be extremely beneficial - and many broadcasts provide tips and tricks to help make you a better player. Additionally, you can find an extensive array of instructional videos on YouTube which can help better your game.

Read About Golf

There are hundreds of books, magazines, and blogs about golf available to read. Find one that interests you, and see if reading it helps you take a couple of strokes off your score and lower your handicap. You will discover new practice methods, swing mechanics, and help with the mental aspects of golf.

Start Working Out

Working out with weights or doing extra cardio are both proven ways to becoming a better golfer. Your core strength is important to your swing and hitting out of the rough. Not to mention making it easier to walk the course while holding your own bag.

Try Yoga

The state of your mind is as much of a factor in your round as your swing. You’re playing a mental game as much as you are an actual game. Golf requires you to be completely relaxed and yoga can help with relaxation. Yoga can also help with your flexibility, which can benefit your swing.

You’ll be Ready for Spring

Follow these tips and we (almost) guarantee you will see a whole new version of yourself out on the course come Spring. Furthermore, we hope you will show off your new mad skills at Abbey Springs Golf Course, our newly renovated, championship caliber golf course on the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva.

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