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What the Future of Weddings After COVID-19 Could Look Like – Part II

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What the Future of Weddings After COVID-19 Could Look Like – Part II

Catering and Lake Geneva Wedding Packages

Catering and the distribution of great food and beverage options will be one of the most heavily-impacted sectors of the wedding industry, post pandemic. Both chefs and couples will be reimagining the way drinks and dishes are prepared and served to ensure safety – meaning a new set of rules will accompany revised serving etiquette.

Those who have been executing the details of Lake Geneva Wedding packages understand that this is not a new concept for caterers. Those who carefully serve and prepare food have always followed accepted safety guidelines like keeping food at the proper temperature, following rigid sanitation standards, and training their staff to follow meticulous hygiene protocol. Going forward, you should expect other measures to be put in place, as larger gatherings return, that were never considered before.

Dinner Party Concepts – Coursed and Served Meals

Anyone who has attended weddings over the years realizes that every few years, a new serving concept emerges to replace the current popular dining style. Going forward, both caterers and couples will likely avoid buffet-style service – replacing it with new serving options. Couples will want to review their menu plans and if they are considering a buffet, they should (and will likely want to) shift over to plated meals. This will require some additional planning and work, as couples will need to reach out to their guests for definite meal counts and menu choices.

Additionally, hors d’oeuvres displays will be a thing of the past, while passed bites will increase in popularity. Sweet tables and dessert options will also need to be reconceived with safety concerns in mind – while ensuring the overall celebratory atmosphere is not diminished.

Abbey Springs – Lake Geneva

When you choose Abbey Springs of Lake Geneva for your wedding venue, you can trust that all the details will be taken care of without exception. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your wedding is every bit as wonderful as you anticipate – call for available dates and with any questions you may have – and check back here for more helpful information about planning your personalized wedding while keeping safety in mind.

Posted: 12/29/2020 8:18:17 AM by Nemec, Benjamin

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