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Golf Etiquette 101

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Golf Etiquette 101

With the snow finally gone and the sun consistently shining, it is time once again to break out your golf clubs! Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or you are just beginning to perfect your swing, brushing up on simple etiquette tips are helpful for everyone. Take advantage of these tips as well as our golf packages in Lake Geneva, WI! Our team at Abbey Springs is looking forward to seeing you on our 18-hole course this spring and summer!


Avoid Slow Play

Keeping the pace is an important part of playing golf, but it’s not realistic for every golfer to progress through the holes at the same pace. In order to help keep the pace, make sure to walk at a reasonable speed between your shots and start planning your next shot while you are walking to your ball. Keep in mind that from the time that you select the right club until you hit your shot, it should only be 30-45 seconds. If you aren’t ready to play in a timely fashion, allow one of your other group members to hit instead.


Help Maintain the Course

What are golf packages in Lake Geneva, WI without a pristine course to enjoy? Doing your part to maintain our course makes a huge difference! If you made a divot, be sure to replace it and always try to avoid walking on the steep face of a bunker. You should also bring a rake into the bunker with you and enter the bunker from the low side where your ball is located. The player closest to the ball should be in charge of the flagstick.


Keep Your Cool

We understand that to many, golf is more than just a game. If you know that you are competitive, make sure to approach each hole with a level head! Be respectful of other golfers enjoying the course.


We can’t wait to see you on the course! Contact us if you’re interested in our golf packages in Lake Geneva, WI.

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